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April 2009
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Lauren [userpic]

Lauren [userpic]

I should probably be doing more about my missing license/camera
But I used up all my energy cleaning the kitchen, and my clothes.
Now all I can do is sort my musak out and write on my UNDEADjournal
... yup
I am really not looking forward to tomorrow.
I pretty much had a 5 day weekend, and going back to hell after nearly a week of freedom is very difficult.
My sister graduates tomorrow.
So... pride was pretty amazing.
The parade wasn't that great, but really, it never was.
But the after party was aawwesooommee.
Not quite worth the $40, but still, I got free chupa chups, and got to watch Matt ride a giant bucking penis, what more could you ask for?
This is where I would insert the few mediocre photos I managed to take before we left
But unfortunately my camera has run away, soo... you can just watch this instead

Lauren [userpic]

I won difficult spider solitaire
And no one is here to celebrate with meeeee
Saddest Friday night ever?
GREATEST Friday night ever!

Lauren [userpic]

It was such a nice day today.
It was all sunny and warm and nice.
I was tempted to call in sick and just spend the day laying in my hammock, but unfortunately I was stupid and had Saturday off. Bah.
When I pulled into Hells carpark, I felt so miserable. I just sat there for a few minutes, even though I was running late.
I didn't care.
I eventually forced myself out of my car, and made my way into work.
I felt horrible. I wanted to go back to my car and cry. I wanted someone to shoot me in the face.
But then something happened. 
Something that put a big smile on my face.
Something that made my day.
Something that made me realise lifes not so bad.
A small child fell flat on their face.
I had to look away and run to the lift, then I laughed and laughed and laughed.
Does that make me a monster? I don't know, and I don't care, it was fucking hilarious.
And that's the end of that chapter.

Lauren [userpic]

I need a new name.
Any suggestions?

Lauren [userpic]

Naaaaaaaants ingonyaaaama bagithi Babaaaaaa
Sithi uuuuhm ingonyamaaaaa

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi babaaaa
Sithi uuuuuhhmm ingonyama

Siyo Nqoba
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

Oh sweet jesus, I have a HUGE urge to watch the lion king
A million points to whoever can make this happen.

Lauren [userpic]

Today I did 3 hours over time. Which equals 7 hours in one day.
I'm so sleepy.
But I did stop off at my parents and stole OZ and CAKE.
So thats nice.
nom nom nom nom CAAAAKE nom.

I feel good though
Money money money mooney... MOONEEYY

This entry is stupid.
Here, enjoy this, it's hot.
mmmmmmmm yeeeaaahh

Lauren [userpic]

I'm bored and decided to do that stupid good moimoi, just for the hell of it

Lauren [userpic]

I had a dream last night that was so vidid and epic and yucky that I had to share it
Try interpret this one...

I can't remember how it started, all I knows is I was at the humble abode and my nose started to bleed, so I went to the kitchen to get a tissue.
All of a sudden blood started pouring down the back  of my throat. It was horrible, I can still remember what if felt like, like a large warm thick ball of BLOOD.
I started screaming and coughing up blood. Like, not just a little, it was POURING out of my mouth. there was blood all over the floor and it wouldn't stop. I just kept screaming and coughing up buckets of blood.
I tried to get someone to take me to the hospital, but I couldn't get anyones attention.
I'm not sure if anyone was there or not, but I know I was trying to get someone to help me.
I began to feel liks I was suffocating, there was so much blood in my mouth I couldn't breathe

And then I woke up and FREAKED OUT.
my heart was racing, my lungs hurt, and I couldn't get back to sleep
I have no idea what time it wass
All i knows is, I'm really tired.

Lauren [userpic]

You guys HAVE to check this out!
It's amazing


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