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April 2009
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Lauren [userpic]

So, funny story.
I spent many many hours today cleaning my room and making it all beautiful and habitable. Then, about 20 minutes ago, I finally dragged my ass away from the computer, and went to bed. It was amazing, walking into my room, like, actually walking rather than tip-toeing around the many piles of clothes worried that if I step on something that isn't carpet (which there is hardly any clear spaces of) I'll break something valuable. I put my newly cleaned sheet into my window (Note to self: Get some curtains), turned the fan on, turned the lamps off, and snuggled up in my nice clean sheets. Delicious. Not even five minutes later I hear a rustling noise, I assume it's Tobias moving around, so I ignore it. Then it happens again, I realise my fan is oscillating wildly, so assume it's just blowing some paper around in my shelves. I turned the lamp on, only to realise that there aren't any papers out of place. I turn the oscillation off and try to go to sleep. The rustling continues, I turn the lamp back on and check Tobias, maybe he's got some paper stuck to him or something. Nothing. Then, while the light was still on, I hear the noise again. I realise it's coming from my shelves. I try to see what it is, but keep my distance, in case it's a giant flying cockroach that's come to kill me. Then I see it. Between my shelves and my dvd tower, I see a Freddo, still half in it's wrapper, and nibbling on that Freddo is a mouse. My first reaction was an AAAWWW! Just at the fact that this little moust was trying to pull the Freddo behind the shelves, and it looked so cute. But then my reaction turned to "OOOH SHIT!". There is a fucking mouse eating a Freddo in my room. How disgusting am I? There's probably a whole pile of mouse shit hidden behind my shelves, and maybe even a bunch of mouse babies. Erg. So instead of dealing with it, I ran to Nicoles room, to have the worst sleep of my life YAY!




Oh god that is the most horrifying story.

Brb cleaning the shit hole that is my room.

I have never felt so dirty in my life. But I know that within a week my room will probably be back to the horrible state it was in, with ten times more mice living in it. Erg.

I remember being told that chocolate is the best way to attract mice, and I was all "WHAT, years of cartoons have LIED to me???"
Did you leave the mouse in there? Is it still lurking? Would Tobias try eat it? Elvis used to eat mice. Yum.

Alix, cartoons never EVER lie, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I did, I was far too sleepy to deal with it. I'm going to try set some elaborate trap today that'll catch it and allow me to set it free in the bush. I'm not sure if Tobias would eat it, he would probably try to play with it but not really know what to do with it. Elvis was a fag.

Elvis was my beloved pet, and you just slander his name?? When he is DEAD? Well, whatever, screw you.

Cartoons = truth. Truth = fun.

I really have nothing much to say. Clearly.

I'm honestly waiting for a family of foxes to make themselves known in the wardrobe, I'm convinced I've bred them. I'll bring them over to eat your mouse.